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April 28, 2018

Beechgrove Garden s11e01.

2018 marks the Beechgrove Garden's ruby anniversary. This week there are sweet signs of spring as Jim, Carole, George and Chris are surrounded by April's peach and cherry blossom. George revisits Sheila Harper's ancient apple trees in Banchory. After a severe prune last year, George returns with slightly less sharp secateurs to show how to deal with the old trees this year. Carole visits Rosie Nixon in Perth. Rosie is a passionate wildlife gardener and photographer who creatively uses her all-seasons organic garden as her own green studio. Throughout the 2018 series, Jim and Carole will be digging in the abundant Beechgrove archive to root out hints and tips from the last 40 years.

Yes, I know its the 40th series, and the site has it marked as s11. When MG started one of the first shows added was Beechgrove, and those early seasons were marked as s02, s03 etc by the original cappers. I'm just going to stick with the nomenclature we have.

Alternate link no longer valid.

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