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August 10, 2019

Beechgrove Garden s12e10.

Kirsty shows how to make a miniature patio pond, proving that no matter how small your space, anyone can have a water feature. Meanwhile, Carole, George, and Kirsty get creative with Janie Gall, who shows how to make an easy-to-do-at-home cut-flower arrangement using some clever hacks that make efforts appear professionally done.

George visits Laraine and Colin Lambie in Livingstone in their award-winning hidden gem of a back garden that is both child and especially hedgehog friendly. Carole visits Tom Williamson and partner David Gallagher in Bonnybridge. A neat lawn in the front with a mixed perimeter border of shrubs and herbaceous gives just a hint of what awaits in the back, and all in great condition thanks to the secret ingredient Tom adds to his garden compost. Tom has impaired vision, but it doesn’t stop him gardening, especially helped by his partner David

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