July 30, 2016

Love Your Garden s06e05.

Alan Titchmarsh and his team visit Eastleigh, near Southampton, to transform an uneven patch of lawn into a cruise ship-inspired pleasure garden complete with a patio shaped like the prow of a boat. The project is intended as a `thank-you’ to paediatric nurse Rosie Mitchell, whose nominees claim she has gone above and […]

July 23, 2016

Love Your Garden s06e04.

Alan and the team head to Bolton in Lancashire to surprise 39-year-old RSPCA officer Caroline Hall, in this episode of the garden makeover series. At the age of just 33, a spinal stroke turned Caroline’s life upside-down, leaving her completely paralysed from her neck down. Against all the odds, Caroline learned to walk […]

July 15, 2016

Love Your Garden s06e03.

Alan Titchmarsh and the team visit Canterbury to meet an outstanding soldier as they continue the garden makeover series for the deserving. Despite losing both his legs in Afghanistan in an IED incident, Gurkha Hari Budha Maga remains focused on helping others. Most recently, he made the journey to Cumbria to help pensioners […]

July 9, 2016

Love Your Garden s06e02.

Alan Titchmarsh and the team continue the garden makeover series, transforming neglected areas into beautiful spaces for some very special people. The team are in Nottingham to create a garden for eight-year-old Tilly Sawford. Tilly was so severely scalded in a freak domestic accident that she has spent the last six years in […]

July 3, 2016

Love Your Garden s06e01.

Alan Titchmarsh returns with a new series of the garden makeover show, transforming unloved areas into beautiful spaces for some very special people. The team head to Hull to spruce up the garden of a 90-year-old ballroom dancing devotee. Age and frailty have seen the twice-widowed great-grandmother lose the ability to tend her […]