May 30, 2016

River Cottage Australia s02e08

Lifestyle Channel Australia 19 June 2014

It’s Paul’s first summer on the farm and he eagerly waits for his sows Dolly & Pinky to give birth. This year the bar is being set even higher for the final feast at River Cottage and the net cast even more closely. Paul sets himself a challenge to […]

May 20, 2016

River Cottage Australia s02e07

Lifestyle Channel Australia 12 June 2014

Living so close to the coast has many advantages. Paul learns how to forage for seaside food from a friend, but it’s not for free, and he faces a chef style challenge.


May 17, 2016

River Cottage Australia s02e06

Lifestyle Channel Australia 5 June 2014

Paul welcomes home his dairy cow Bessie but it’s not the homecoming he was hoping for. Taking advantage of the rain, he drops into old mate Darcy’s place to dunk traps in his dam, and Paul needs to make the most of his troubled tomato crop.


May 13, 2016

River Cottage Australia s02e05

Lifestyle Channel Australia 29 May 2014

Paul’s poultry have all grown up and it’s processing time. Abattoir guru Chris is back to share his knowledge and Iain returns to give Paul a hand building a BBQ grill before taking it to the Bermagui Seaside Fair to host his second stall.


May 10, 2016

River Cottage Australia s02e04

Lifestyle Channel Australia 22 May 2014

Paul needs to take action to turn his deficit into dollars on the farm and gets expert help to build a new oven. The CWA ladies arrive at River Cottage seeking Paul’s skills with an important charity event. Can Paul come up with the goods?


May 5, 2016

River Cottage Australia s02e03

Lifestyle Channel Australia 15 May 2014

Paul gets some goats but the going gets gruff when he tries to milk them for the first time as he enters into the world of cheese making. The event of the month, the Bega Show, is just around the corner, but are Paul’s hens up to scratch?


May 1, 2016

River Cottage Australia s02e02

Lifestyle Channel Australia 8 May 2014

Paul’s plan to increase his livestock is a success as he becomes mother hen to fifty baby birds. In order to earn extra income he visits the farmers’ market for the first time and how will he cope saying goodbye to another farm favourite?


April 26, 2016

River Cottage Australia s02e01

Lifestyle Channel Australia 1 May 2014

Paul is about to experience his first summer on the land. Will he have enough water and produce to keep the farm thriving during the dryer months? He has big plans to increase his livestock but he quickly learns you can’t control nature.


August 27, 2013

river cottage australia s01

Fifteen years ago, Englishman Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall embarked on an experiment in sustainability and self-sufficiency. He moved to a cottage on a small land-holding in Dorset, and set about learning how to grow his own produce, raise livestock – and become part of a community where sharing not only knowledge, but the fruits of farm labour, […]