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March 10, 2016

The City Gardener s01.


Matt James demonstrates how you can transform your backyard into a garden to be proud of.

The City Gardener s01e01.avi

The City Gardener is all about turning a small and awkward space into a lush enclosed sanctuary. Matt James is no ordinary gardener and this is not your traditional gardening show. This 4-hour programme offers hints and advice to help turn a neglected city garden into a space to relax in by day or entertain in by night.

Originally Posted 09/04/2010

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9 comments to The City Gardener s01.

  • miffy

    I believe that these torrents for Season 1 Eps 6,7,8 are actually season 2 Eps 2,4 & 5.

    They should be:
    S01 Episode 6
    “Transformation of a High-Rise Balcony” Julia in London

    S01 Episode 7
    “Secret Hideaway” Frasier and Nicky

    S01 Episode 8
    “A Garden Designed for Dining” Tori and Ogden

    Kind regards

  • MaxMayhem

    The only guide you should go off is this one –

    From the chanel that made the show.
    As for how JD has regrouped them for the repack I cannot answer, but they are not torrents miffy.

    • J.D.

      For the repack I simply took the posts that were already up and combined them into one compact post – I don’t actually do anything other than check they all work and do some tidying up.

  • miffy

    Hi Max – I should of course said episodes not torrents.

    The problem with the link you are referring to is that it says Season 1 – and then:
    Series 1 Summary

    “Matt James, The City Gardener, returns in a *third series* to work his green-fingered magic on another set of neglected and dank outdoor spaces …..”
    so it’s not very helpful. I’ve been collecting the programme for a long time, it’s one of my favourites, and it’s annoying to download a “missing” ep that you think you’ve found – only to find it’s not actually that episode at all but one you’ve got already that’s incorrectly labelled.

    It must be even worse for people who don’t have much available data allowance, which is why I mentioned it, so others would know.
    Kind regards

  • MaxMayhem

    That is true Miffy, but the downloads here did have descriptions attached so people could check the ‘missing’ eps listed are the ones they want before they downloaded them, but as you point out, the repacks no longer have the descriptions.

    @JD – Any chance we could add some txt after the links in the repacks so people can still see the descriptions? Not sure how that would work but Miffy does have a point there about not knowing what the eps actually are.

    @Miffy, This is also one of my favorite shows and any time I come across an ep I don’t have I do get a bit excited, and have also downloaded ep’s that did not have descriptions only to find I already had it 🙁 so I do understand the disappointment.

    One of the reasons I first came to MG many years ago, was the detailed descriptions JD had that meant I could check before downloading an ep.

    As for the Channel 4 episode summary – Yeah after posting I reread the site it does appear misleading, but it still appears the episodes listed here are correct, the Glasow ep s03e10 is as listed on C4 site same with s03e09.
    The movieweb site you posted lists ‘Unknown” as S03e10 so not sure I’d go off that site.
    Pity C4 don’t show the first 2 series as well now like they used to.

    I read somewhere there was also a proper ‘The City Gardener – Revisited’ series, but I’ve only seen the couple that are in amongst the 3 series.

  • J.D.

    This post was a simple ‘link check and repost’ – the original post from 2010 with a new screenshot and fresh links.

    When I put up a repack, I always make sure I combine any posts that make up a series into one post, which includes all episode descriptions.

    Max – as this is one of your faves, could you throw in a quick description for me? 🙂

  • notimetolose

    I got this info from the production company’s website:

    City Gardener Series 2- Throughout 2003 Network TX (Channel 4) (6×30)
    City Gardener Revisited- Throughout 2003 Network TX (Channel 4) (4×60)

    City Gardener Series 3- Throughout 2004/5 Network TX (Channel 4) (12×30)
    City Gardener Revisited 2 – Throughout 2004/5 Network TX (Channel 4) (6×30)

  • Alpinryno

    For the record, 28 episodes of The City Gardener were made. 10 for 2003, 6 for 2004, and 12 for 2005. The confusion comes from “revisit” episodes made when 4 gardens from season 1 and 4 others from season 2 were repackaged and renumbered with extra footage filmed a year later. Therefore season 3 is sometimes listed with 16 episodes even though 4 of those are season 2 reruns with extra revisit footage added. To add to the confusion, different sites number the same episodes differently. Hope this helps.

  • MaxMayhem

    ok. So quick description at end of each link, and I renamed the links to show which ones are missing from the list THIS site is going by.

    Hopefully anyone looking for a specific episode will already know what the ep is called/about.

    I will also do same when JD repacks S02 & S03

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