May 10, 2016

Civic Agriculture: Reconnecting Farm, Food, and Community


While the American agricultural and food systems follow a decades-old path of industrialization and globalization, a counter trend has appeared toward localizing some agricultural and food production. Thomas A. Lyson, a scholar-practitioner in the field of community-based food systems, calls this rebirth of locally based agriculture and food production civic agriculture because these activities are tightly linked to a community’s social and economic development. Civic agriculture embraces innovative ways to produce, process, and distribute food, and it represents a sustainable alternative to the socially, economically, and environmentally destructive practices associated with conventional large-scale agriculture. Farmers’ markets, community gardens, and community-supported agriculture are all forms of civic agriculture.

Author: Thomas A. Lyson
Series: Civil Society: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
Paperback: 160 pages
Publisher: Tufts (June 1, 2004)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1584654147
ISBN-13: 978-1584654148
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