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April 6, 2016

edible garden s01.


Alys Fowler tries to become self-sufficient in fruit and vegetables as she uses her small back garden to plant, grow and harvest her own produce.


She begins with peas and beans, and provides useful growing tips as well as recipes including broad bean falafels and pea-shoot cocktails. She also forages for willow to make plant supports and gets two chickens.
Gardeners' World presenter Alys Fowler demonstrates how to grow salad ingredients in the garden, including tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers, but a blight hampers proceedings. She then prepares lime-leaf salad, dandelion fritters and nettle beer.
Alys Fowler plants root crops and leafy vegetables in her urban garden, including kale, Swiss chard and beetroot, before preparing dishes of rhubarb and raspberry pie, and beetroot and yoghurt soup. She also collects a good supply of eggs from her two chickens
Alys Fowler demonstrates how easy it is to grow raspberries and blueberries, and plants juicy fruits from which she then prepares jams and tangy fruit leathers. She also tries her hand at hapazome, a Japanese printing technique used to transfer flower and leaf shapes on to fabric.
Alys Fowler demonstrates how to grow herbs and flowers and use them as ingredients in a selection of dishes, including herb omelettes, bread with rosemary and salads. She also reveals how they are important to attract wildlife to gardens, something essential to the health and productivity of any allotment.
Alys Fowler shows how to stock up vegetables for the colder months of the year as she grows courgettes, squashes, kale and Jerusalem artichokes. She also learns how to preserve food by using easy pickling recipes, forages for seeds and plants winter crops to keep her going until the next spring. Last in the series.

Originally posted 06/05/2010

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