April 8, 2016

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BBC Alba 2009 - A tour of the beautiful North of Scotland with the charismatic Dr Sarah Marr as she explores the healing properties of Scottish plant life.

Sarah and her trusty four-legged companion Max visit local plant enthusiasts, seek out the most special plants, and learn about medicinal qualities ancient and modern. Take a glimpse of the rare and beautiful Scottish primrose. Meet the expert in the field, Mary Beith. Find out if the old-style heather beds are as comfortable as modern beds, and whether the scent of heather really helps people sleep.

English and Scottish Gaelic (with embedded subtitles)


A visit to the Isle of Lewis where the indigenous healing tradition is still very much in the psyche of the people. We will see how a traditional remedy is made from the bogbean plant, and indeed Sarah will sample the draught. Local people will recount their experiences of the traditional remedies and we will learn how these may apply to modern times.

In Glasgow and Edinburgh - natural remedies are not only found in the countryside. Sarah meets city dwellers who introduce her to ancient Gaelic medical manuscripts, and others who show her plants growing in the cities which can be useful as tonics for alternative health.

Dr Marr on Skye exploring healing properties of Scottish plants. A highland plant that has the same base ingredient as aspirin.

A visit to the remote small isles of Argyll, retracing the footsteps of the early Christian missionary abbots of Ireland who set up monastries in Dalriada in the sixth century. Find out about the healing plants that these spiritual people cultivated. Take a look at some of the plants employed by castle-dwelling clansmen in the medicine chest growing within the walls of Dunollie castle.

Dr Sarah Marr returns to her native Uist to explore the healing properties of local flora. She visits the people living in the islands from North to South, finding out how they harness the hidden properties of plants for healing.

Originally published 01/010/2015.

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