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November 20, 2012

garden invaders 2004.

3 episodes of Garden Invaders from 2004.

Garden Invaders is an exciting horticultural game show where a family must answer quiz questions correctly to earn each step of a garden makeover - against the clock. The more questions they get right, the more plants they earn for their new garden makeover. Meanwhile, the Invaders team, made up of some of your favourite TV gardeners, are in a race against time with only 12 hours to complete the makeover. The pressure is on.

The team are in Bath coming to the rescue of sisters who would love a garden for entertaining. Charlie Dimmock and designer Sven Wombwell call in the local fire brigade to help with filling a water feature.

Bringing the feel of the jungle to a garden in urban Manchester is the task facing the team so designer Sven Wombwell makes a raft-style deck and uses large scale planting to transform the garden, while Mark Evans gets to work on some old scrap metal and makes an outdoor table complete with wine cooler.

A party garden for two lads who've used all their energies renovating their house is the aim of today's makeover so designer Joe Swift builds a glass wall and outdoor bar to give the garden a festive feel, plus some everlasting flowers that the boys won't be able to kill, made with pieces of armoured cable.

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