January 27, 2017

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Presenter Joe Swift and the designers visit a series of far-from-perfect plots, all in need of some horticultural TLC. With beautiful examples of perfect gardens and plenty of inside tips, Garden Makers has it covered!

Designer Jill Fenwick has been commissioned to sort out the garden at an Edwardian country house near Gatwick. There’s only one potential problem: the client is Jill’s sister and brother-in-law! Will they fall out? Only time will tell. Joe Swift is in Essex to meet Bernard Holmes. The National Gardens Scheme calls Bernard’s garden “the essence of Essex”. Situated near Brentwood, it has a Japanese garden, a sculpture garden and an airstrip!

Andrew Fisher Tomlin designs a garden in Rayne’s Park for Erika Vickers and Roger Wilson. They want a garden to match their recently-constructed ultra-modern kitchen extension. Joe Swift is with Penny Snell who, by her own admission, “bosses everyone around” as London organiser of the National Gardens Scheme. Which is odd, because she lives in Surrey. In her garden at Esher Penny has battled with dry sandy soil and a forest of mature trees, many of which came down in the hurricane.

Joe Swift introduces Andrew Fisher Tomlin, whose designs are increasingly well known. Today he’s in Wimbledon to produce a garden from scratch for Leah de Silva behind her ground floor flat. Meanwhile, Ralph Cade and Robin Green show Joe their prize-winning garden in Worcester Park. This stylish and unique garden, on a steep slope, has been described as “California comes to suburbia”.

Sarah Layton is facing her biggest challenge so far. Martin Atkins and Ian Williams own the ground floor of a Victorian house in Highgate but the woman who owns the first floor has a right of way through their garden to her own. Sarah is building a long pergola through which their neighbour can walk without being seen! Joe, meanwhile, is off to Surrey to see Margaret Arnott and Terry Bartholomew. As senior cabin crew, they met in the aisle of a Jumbo Jet. But their real love is their garden in Cobham, now open under the National Gardens Scheme.

In Islington, Alison Miller is having her small garden transformed by designer Paula Ryan. She wants a modern garden in which to entertain friends after work. But she has mixed feelings about the result. Joe Swift visits the garden at West Dean in Cobham. This is the home of the actress Kay Price who opens it to the public under the National Gardens Scheme. The garden looks immaculate, complete with its big pond and tumbling water.

Kate and Niall O’Riorden get a new garden at their house in Fulham. They are renovating the house and they have asked designer Andrew Fisher Tomlin to give them a matching garden.
It took three attempts to persuade Peter and Julia Hickman to open Little Lodge at Thames Ditton to the public. Now it’s a regular in the Yellow Book of open gardens. Joe Swift finds out why it is so popular.

Jan King has been asked to design a garden for Janice and Ray Grande at Harold Wood in Essex. They’ve owned their house for thirty years but done nothing more than mow the lawn. Now they want a “proper” garden. Joe Swift meets Wol and Sue Staines and sees their country garden in Essex. Wol and Sue were teachers at the same school and spent every holiday in the garden. Now they give it their full attention…and it shows.

David and Mary Wright have been renovating a house in Chiswick. They’ve commissioned designer Cleve West to create a garden that is sophisticated enough to be enjoyed by adults but completely child-friendly. Joe Swift is in Eccleston Square Garden, managed by the horticultural photographer Roger Phillips. This garden, rescued from developers, is for the use of the residents round the square, but it is intensively gardened and full of interest.

Paula Ryan is designing a new garden for Adrienne and Ben Preston. They’ve moved into a new development in Islington and their present garden is just a strip of lawn. Meanwhile, Joe visits 239a Hook Road, Chessington. As you stand on this incredibly hostile dual carriageway you would never believe anything as lovely as this could be behind the house. It is owned by garden photographer Derek St Romaine and his wife, Dawn, and open to the public several times a year.

Andrew Fisher Tomlin creates a new garden for Sandra and Martin Robson in Rayne’s Park. Sandra knows what she wants and is keen to get to grips with real gardening. Joe Swift discovers a garden makeover on a grand scale…from the 18th century. Painshill, near Guildford, was created by the Honourable Charles Hamilton; plantsman, painter and brilliantly gifted designer. Well maintained for 200 years it fell into neglect after the Second World War. Now it has been rescued and restored to its former glory.

Eight floors above the Thames Barrier, Wendy and Angus Edy are creating a garden on the terrace of their apartment. Designer Paula Ryan is challenged to find plants that will survive the harsh environment of London’s Docklands. Joe Swift finds out how you create and look after the English rural idyll by visiting Mary Caroe at Vann in Surrey. Here, in the grounds of this Tudor house (with William and Mary additions) is a garden to get lost in, complete with ponds and planting that is the epitome of the English garden style.

Heike Opitz and Andrew England have completely renovated their house in Wimbledon. They want to match the stylish interior with a garden designed by Andrew Fisher Tomlin. Joe Swift asks if gardening is good for the soul. He’s at St Michael’s Convent in Ham to see a truly rural garden and find out how the nuns keep it under control. In the walled vegetable garden he talks to gardener Linda Howell.

The Hampstead Garden Suburb was founded by Dame Henrietta Barnet in 1907. Strict conservation rules mean that creating a garden for Gina and Colin Davis and their sons is a headache for designer Sarah Layton.

Linda Kelly is bucking the trend for converting front gardens into car-parking spaces. She has commissioned designer Andrew Fisher Tomlin to put her front garden back to its original use…and plant it up with her favourite ferns from Australia. Joe meets Ian Sidaway at his cottage in Twickenham. Ian illustrates gardening books and in his spare time maintains an extraordinary garden, which is entirely green.

In Colchester, an industrial mill is being converted to apartments. Peter and Nerys Horrocks are taking the top flat and have asked designer Andrea Parsons to give them an unusual rooftop garden.Joe meets Paula Caiger whose garden, with a clever water feature and paint effects, is a highlight of Walthamstow – an artistic garden with a modern twist. The series concludes with a visit to the absolutely minute garden at 10a The Pavement, SE27 – probably the smallest in London – lovingly tended by Brenda Byrne. Both are open to the public every year.

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