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December 9, 2018

Garden Rescue – S03e21

Charlie Dimmock and award-winning garden designers the Rich brothers compete to design gardens for homeowners around the country.

Danielle and Andy in Teignmouth have a wonderful opportunity to create a delightful terraced garden in the back of their smart new home. The only problem is they don't have the green fingers to do their garden justice. Luckily, this is where the Garden Rescue team come in.

Inspired by their trips to Morocco, Danielle and Andy are after a touch of the Marrakesh riad courtyard garden and have a £2,500 budget to make their exotic dream come true. Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers, Harry and David, take a trip to sunny Teignmouth to see the garden for themselves and, inspired by their visit, come up with a pair of competing garden designs to bring a touch of Marrakesh to south Devon.

Marrakesh gardens are famous for their bold use of strong colours, bright tiles, mirrors and water features in courtyard spaces, but will Danielle and Andy plump for Charlie or the Rich brothers' interpretation of this look for their dream garden?

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