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January 3, 2019

Garden Rescue – S03e25

Charlie Dimmock and award-winning garden designers the Rich brothers compete to design gardens for homeowners around the country.

Annette moved into her house in Mansfield, with her three sons Sam, 18, Tom, 13, and Charlie, six, two years ago. After doing up the house, she now needs help with the garden, but her £2,500 budget is all the money she has, so the pressure is on the team to deliver something that gives her everything she wants.

Her garden is currently a bit of a dumping ground, especially at top end, where there is just loads of old rubbish. The one thing that she loves at the back of the garden is an old shed, which holds plenty of sentimental value, and she wants to keep it, even if it has seen far better days. Her large sloping lawn and not very generous patio hardly make it the perfect starting point, but if anyone can turn it into the wildlife-rich garden with a Hansel and Gretel-style natural woodland feel, then it is the Garden Rescue team.

Which of the two competing garden designs, Charlie's or the Rich brothers', will Annette and her children choose? And can the winning designer pull off the miracle required here?

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