February 2, 2019

Garden Rescue – S03e29

Charlie Dimmock and award-winning garden designers the Rich brothers compete to design gardens for homeowners around the country.

Since they retired, Kate and Derek have downsized to a property in Hagley that works for them in all ways, except for the garden. Laid mainly to lawn with established beds with shrubs, there are good bones to the garden but the old grey slab patio with its two-foot drop into a gravel seating area is a trip hazard waiting to injure one of their many young grandchildren and the patio does not provide enough space to entertain their large family.

Harry and David Rich and Charlie Dimmock meet Kate and Derek, and they have a clear brief - the lawn must stay but the unsafe and too-small existing patio must go. Once the Rich brothers and Charlie have gone head to head with their pitches, it is time for Kate and Derek to make the difficult choice of which of the two designs they will pick for their new dream garden.

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