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September 15, 2019

Garden Rescue s04e17-25.

S04E17: Rotherham
In this episode, Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers, Harry and David, are in Rotherham to create a colourful, social space for Sue and Robert Jenkins. With their son now 16, this couple want a grown-up garden at last! But Sue suffers from Crohn’s disease, so the garden needs to be somewhere that she can relax and recuperate when fatigued. At the moment it is a boring, sloping lawn with few redeeming qualities and nothing to attract you outside. Also, they really want an additional area in the sun at the bottom of the garden, as the current patio area near the house is always in the shade. Finally, the couple are not expert gardeners but love pottering around in the summer and spring, so a garden design with summer flowers may be the answer, especially if it includes Sue’s much-loved lavender and lemon balm.

S04E18: Alton
In this episode, Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers Harry and David, are in Alton, Hampshire to bring life, colour and drama to the suburban garden of Jemma and Mike and their new baby, Annabel. Jemma and Mike visited the Provence region of France on their honeymoon three years ago and would love to take inspiration from the area. They are after a very specific look that includes lavender, roses, galvanized tubs and pea gravel paths. It’s a very romantic wish list but a long way from the lifeless, boring space they have now!

S04E19: Newport Cwmcarn
In this episode, Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers, Harry and David, are in Cwmcarn, just outside Newport in Wales, to tackle Kim and Simon’s vertiginous three tiered garden. This is no simple back lawn; instead their garden is so steep it rises above the roof of the house to offer fantastic views of the local forest and mountain. Kim and Simon want to make the most of the amazing views but have no idea how to tackle the impossible tiers. Luckily, they know of people who do, Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers!

S04E20: Horsham
The Rich brothers and Arit Anderson are on a mission to create a family garden in Horsham, Sussex, for James, Charlotte and their young daughter, Esmé. They need to come up with ways for Esmé to learn about nature and wildlife while her parents get a seating area to host summer BBQs. Will the couple plump for the Harry and David's plan for a large patio, a small allotment and a multi-functional deck, or will they prefer Arit’s design, including a raised water feature flanked with stepping stones and a ‘wild kitchen’ for Esmé?

S04E21: Yardley
In Yardley in Birmingham, Tracey Parkes doesn’t have a plan in mind for her garden but as it is a tip, full of old building material, it is in desperate need of the hands-on help of the Garden Rescue team. In fact, Tracey’s husband Simon, a self-employed builder who was responsible for the pile of old building material, was the original applicant for the show. Tragically, though, he passed away from cancer before he could see his garden transformed, and now Tracey and their daughter would love to finally create the garden Simon always wanted them to have. Getting this garden finished was his last wish, and that is a call to arms that Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers, Harry and David, can’t ignore.

S04E22: Chippenham
In Chippenham, young parents Becky and Kieron share a passion for cooking and want to take their love of food into their garden by growing produce for their kitchen. They also want to inspire their new baby to enjoy growing veggies and fruit as she grows up. Can the Garden Rescue team transform a typical lawn-filled space into a cookery-themed, rustic cottage garden?

S04E23: Ruddington
Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers, Harry and David, bring a touch of Cornwall’s Lost Gardens of Heligan to a family home in the the village of Ruddington, just outside Nottingham. Rachael and Alex visited the famous nineteenth-century botanical gardens on a Cornish holiday a few years ago and would love to take inspiration for their new garden from the lush tropical planting that Heligan is famous for. So they are after a very specific look that includes palms and dramatic jungle planting. It’s a very exotic wish list and a long way from the lifeless, boring space they have now. Not surprisingly, the designers can’t wait to get stuck in, and their creative juices are soon flowing. With rain lashing down during the build, it’s far from the perfect conditions for planting, but at least the monsoon weather provides suitable rainforest inspiration!

S04E24: Cambourne
Garden Rescue is in Cambourne, in Cambridgeshire, where Marcus and Rebecca want their sons to grow up knowing they have family across the globe. Rebecca's brother lives in Australia, while Marcus is proud of his Scottish roots, so the result is that the couple are keen for their ‘plain Jane’ garden to be redesigned to have an Australian-cum-Scottish theme.

S04E25: Brighton
In Brighton, Elizabeth has moved into her aunt’s old home, but while she’s delighted to be living in a house that has been in the family for decades, she’s not so happy about the garden her aunt left behind. It’s nothing but a paved-over blank square. In fact, there’s so much concrete that the bird table even has chunks of concrete on it! Elizabeth has called in Garden Rescue to create a city garden full of colour and plants - a place for her to grow veg, for her beloved dog to nosey around, and for the birds to feel welcome again. Will she choose Charlie Dimmock's design for a garden with an awning-covered wooden deck and a perfect lawn, or the Rich brothers’ courtyard space complete with large, tranquil water feature and bound-gravel paths?

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