Garden Rescue s06e16-20.
September 13, 2021 Garden Rescue - S06.

Anita and Pankaj in Leicester have a boring garden surrounded by a plain fence. Now their kids have grown up and no longer use it, they want a space full of colourful plants, flowersand trees that they can enjoy as adults. They also want a water feature with a wow factor to attract wildlife, as well as a grow-your-own area. Charlie Dimmock goes head-to-head with the Rich brothers as they come up with two amazing designs for these budding gardeners, with a budget of £3,000. But whose plan will the couple choose?

Kevin spent over two years renovating his Georgian cottage in Manchester from the foundations up, but in the process his garden became a building site, and he lost all inspiration andfocus. The garden is tired, sloped and rarely used. Kevin now wants a cool, modern entertainment space with plenty of planting, but it must reflect his beautiful period home. Charlie Dimmock and Lee Burkhill have a budget of £4,000 to transform this space, fusing the contemporary with the historical.

Charlie Dimmock and Arit Anderson are in Alton to create a garden for entertaining and exercising. Fitness fanatic Carrie wants a ‘gin and gym’ garden, transforming whatis currently a mass of paving and fake grass into a space where she can feel proud to entertain friends, as well as providing an all-weather area for exercise. Charlie and Arit have £5,000 to make Carrie’s dream garden come true, but which of the two designs will match that dream?

Michael and Gloria live in Deeside but spent many years in Africa. They want their bland, overlooked garden to be transformed into an African paradise, full of tropical planting. Gloriadreams of a tranquil water feature, and they would like a covered pergola for entertaining. But most importantly, this garden needs to be wheelchair friendly for their son Christopher, who loves spending time in it. Charlie and Lee have a budget of £6,500 to make the family’s dream come true.

Billy lives in Barnet in a period Victorian house that he loves, but he describes his garden as boring, a blank canvas with a dated broken patio. Billy dreams of a new space that fusesa Victorian cottage garden with an Amazonian twist, something that can transports him to hotter climes without having to leave Barnet. It must have a barbecue and an entertaining area, be full of lush tropical planting and have a water feature. Can Arit and the Rich brothers take this blank canvas to the Amazon and back?

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