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September 10, 2012

gardeners’ world s45e22 2012.

For many gardeners, the beginning of September is the start of a new gardening season and, with this in mind, Monty Don recommends vegetables to sow now for winter cropping. He also plants out the rose cuttings he took last year and takes more from another of his favourite roses. Carol Klein takes a look at one of our most common wild plants, the daisy, and finds out from nurseryman Graham Gough how bereft of colour our September gardens would be without the bright colours of late-flowering daisies. In a sheltered valley in west Cornwall a new garden is taking shape with exotic plants and contemporary art installations at the heart of its design. James Alexander-Sinclair finds out more and gives his view on this new destination for garden visitors. And back at Longmeadow, Monty shows how to propagate ferns from the thousands of tiny spores they produce.

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