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January 9, 2015

Great British Garden Revival s02e03.

Rhododendrons and Carnations.

James Wong wants to revive a plant which has fallen out of fashion - the rhododendron. On his revival he visits the Lost Gardens of Heligan to see species of rhododendron which have been saved from the edge of extinction; he meets a scientist who is bringing Victorian species back from the dead; and attempts to win over the people of Truro with dwarf varieties suitable for any garden. Christine Walkden campaigns for a garage forecourt favourite - the carnation. On her revival she visits a specialist nursery who have been growing carnations for over 100 years; she heads to Gravetye Manor, the former home of the esteemed botanist, gardener and champion of naturalistic planting - William Robinson; and hits the streets in an attempt to bring back a forgotten tradition, the gentleman's buttonhole.


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