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January 21, 2015

Great British Garden Revival s02e08.

Lilies and Woodland Gardens.

James Wong is convinced we should all be growing lilies in our gardens. He unearths the history of the lily, meets expert lily growers as they prepare for one of the country's biggest flower shows at Tatton Park and gets intimate with the insect associated with the decline of lily growing in the UK. James shows us his simple maintenance techniques to keep lilies performing year after year and carries out propagation by scaling to grow new plants from scratch. Christine Walkden thinks woodland plants have been left in the shade in favour of sun loving, bigger, blousier flowers. She shows the people of Brentwood that the only way isn't Essex, as she converts them to the joys of bluebells. She finds out that one of our favourite woodland flowers - the English bluebell - is under threat and puts some common slug and snail deterrents to the test.


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