May 11, 2010

great garden formulas.

Gardening books don't come more hands-on than this thorough guide for organic gardeners, which offers practical information provided by real gardeners.

Most gardeners know that compost is good for their soil and have heard, at least vaguely, that a mixture containing baking soda is good for roses. But who knew that you could make fertilizer from soaking weeds in water? Or that rhubarb spray will put a rout to fungal diseases, aphids and June bugs?
The editors have collected ideas from organic gardeners all over the country that will help even experienced gardeners improve their soil, fertilize their plants, reduce weeds and pests, and even concoct a soothing hand cream to use when the work is done.
Grouped thematically by chapter, these formulas employ either natural ingredients or simple chemicals such as Epsom salts, and most are easy to make and use. The word formula is used in its broadest sense, as there are suggestions for attracting butterflies and for making a wildflower meadow as well as creating fertilizer from Swiss chard or herbal candles. This will be a great source for crafters as well as for creative garden experimenters

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