December 13, 2015

Harvest 2013 Part 3

BBC Two 13 September 2013 - Fruit: Sweet Treats

In this third episode it's all about the 2013 fruit harvest, as we visit a pioneering cherry grower in idyllic Herefordshire. Gregg and Philippa join farmer Andy Hunt as his workers struggle to pick 40 million cherries by hand in just a few short weeks. The cherry was once Britain's favourite summer fruit but the traditional 20-metre trees were too tall for the speedy harvest demanded by the supermarkets. Amateur grower Philippa discovers how farmer Andy has nurtured remarkable new dwarf cherry trees over years to help bring about a revolution that's put British cherries back in our shops. Gregg joins the well-drilled squad of 250 pickers to discover how to harvest cherries quickly by hand without damaging the delicate fruit. Stefan Gates reveals why winter chill, pollination and ripening are so critical to a good crop. Gregg takes part in the Scottish strawberry harvest to discover if they can claim the sweetest strawberries in Britain. And Philippa discovers how blackcurrants must be harvested by extraordinary machines in a matter of a few hours before they ferment on the trees.


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