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December 15, 2012

hugh’s 3 good things s01 e11-15.

Episodes 11-15

Hugh reveals his theory that three-ingredient dishes are ideal for simple but delicious cooking… and tests it by competing against other chefs.


Apples (Savoury): Hugh and Gill Meller are joined by Sophie Wright, who's cooked for the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Roman Abramovich.

Pears: Hugh creates a warm pear, black pudding and chicory salad, as well as a ginger pear and custard pudding.

Dried Fruit: On the menu this time is partridge, dried pear and spelt, dates with lemon and lamb's breast, and a salad of chickpeas, apricots and carrot.

Citrus: Hugh serves a simple lemon sole with lemon-flavoured mash. Also on the menu is griddled oranges with roasted pumpkin and Halloumi cheese, and grapefruit, squid and avocado

Apples: Hugh makes posh apple crumble. Gill Meller makes an apple flan with almond paste, and Sophie makes a ricotta cheese doughnut with apple pureé.

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