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January 19, 2013

hugh’s 3 good things s01 e21-25.

Episodes 21-25.

Hugh reveals his theory that three-ingredient dishes are ideal for simple but delicious cooking... and tests it by competing against other chefs.


Ep21: Pasta.
Hugh cooks up a couple of classics - pasta, tomato and blue cheese and a simple spaghetti with garlic and olive oil. Hugh's joined in this pasta cook-off by Allegra McEvedy, founder of the award-winning Leon chain, and River Cottage regular Tim Maddams.

Ep22: Nuts.
Hugh's plumped for walnuts to make baklava, as well as some hazelnuts to stir in with ricotta and honeycomb to make a simple but delicious pudding. He's not the only one with his hands in the hazelnut jar though, as Tim uses them to make melt-in-the-mouth macaroons, while Allegra knocks up a chestnut brittle mixed with cider-soaked prunes and yoghurt.

Ep23: Pulses.
The star ingredient is pulses. River Cottage's Tim Maddams makes a Mexican-inspired black bean soup; award-winning chef and author Allegra McEvedy opts for a Spanish-influenced chickpea, chorizo and red pepper tapas dish; while Hugh laps up the lentils, combining puy lentils with celeriac and sultanas in a perfect summery salad, and red lentils with bacon and onions in a wintery soup. Hugh's mum judges the results.

Ep24: Rice.
Rice is the key store cupboard ingredient this time. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall goes Japanese, teaming his rice sushi-style with seaweed and avocado and also using it Caribbean-fashion in a simple red beans and rice dish with coconut milk. Allegra McEvedy demonstrates her own version of that Chinese restaurant classic, egg fried rice. And from River Cottage chef Tim Maddams there's a West Country twist on pilaf, mixed with chicken stock and sorrel.

Ep25: Chocolate.
Hugh creates an irresistibly rich and delicious chocolate pudding with prunes and brandy, along with some DIY chocolate, fruit and nut bars. River Cottage chef Tim Maddams makes indulgent chocolate truffles. Guest chef Allegra McEvedy plans to outdo the boys with the ultimate South American-inspired chilli-spiked, creamy hot chocolate.

End Of Series 1

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