March 5, 2016

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Matthew Wilson helps six couples tackle ambitious and dramatic gardening projects, following them for a year as they work through the seasons to achieve their dreams.


He begins in Devon, where Keith and Ros Wiley face a battle against time, money and nature to build a Mexican-style courtyard, dig a new lake and carve canyons in their four-acre field

Matthew Wilson visits Essex to follow another couple who are taking on an ambitious gardening project. Jason and Demetra Lindsay want to restore the neglected grounds of their 900-year-old castle to their former glory, but face winter snow, a small budget and acres of brambles as they dredge lakes, dig ponds and plant thousands of flowers and shrubs.

Matthew Wilson visits Suffolk to follow another couple who are taking on an ambitious gardening project. Clive and Debbie Morris have aspirations of creating the best garden in the county, and as well as bringing in a leading designer, they want to incorporate an award-winning design from the Chelsea Flower Show into their 25-acre estate

Matthew Wilson helps Ed and Vanessa Adams transform a cliff-top landscape in Guernsey into an outdoor space for their whole family to enjoy. The area is overrun with brambles and bracken, and the husband and wife duo are at odds over the best approach to take - one wants to save the thorny foliage, while the other thinks it should all be cleared.

Matthew Wilson helps Anne and Geoff Shaw, who are trying to transform a dilapidated Sussex garden by using modern designs to complement its natural beauty. Their plans incorporate a tennis court, pool complex and sunken gardens, but the couple are struggling to come up with the funds to realise their ambitions.

Matthew Wilson helps Sarah and Trevor Woods, who are trying to transform a five-acre plot of land in Wales despite having little experience or funding. Their commitment to the plan is then tested when the country experiences its coldest winter in over a decade - one that they must endure in a caravan. Last in the series.

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