hamiltons paradise gardens.
April 9, 2010 Paradise Gardens.

This is a guide to creating a hidden garden in any location and of any size. It shows how privacy can be created without shading the garden from the sun, and includes instructions for making a hammock, a summer-house, a pavilion and a turf bench.

The final series to be done by the great Geoff Hamilton. It combines the practical application of how to create a "paradise Garden" with a number of visits to inspirational gardens where this has already been achieved. He produces two gardens, one of which is on a budget and the other slightly more expensive, but in both the results are spectacular especially with the time scale being so short. Features include water gardens, secret gardens, and how to create your personal paradise. No offensive loud music, no helicopter gimmicks: just loads of hands-on advice and beautiful photography.

It is a brilliant video which every level of gardener can take something from! Simply superb!!

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