January 21, 2013

radar’s patch.

Looking for paradise? So is Te Radar. Radar's Patch is his attempt to live the 1/4 acre dream. He has one growing season, an overgrown jumble of suburban weeds and a pocket full of small change to make the dream a reality. Will he get his green backyard, lush with produce, all sustainably created with recycled materials and organic methods? Only Te Radar can answer that.

"Television gardeners who make gardening appear simple may not be telling the truth. Radar's Patch will prove it isn't, and all of those people who felt like somehow TV gardeners were misleading them will breathe a sigh of relief when they see me proving that".

This hugely popular 8-part series won the 2010 Qantas Television Award for Best Information / Lifestyle Programme


Episode 1
Te Radar moves into his new quarter-acre paradise; greens up the Landrover by running it on locally refined biofuel; and tries to convert an old lawnmower into a mulcher.

Episode 2
The gardens go in as Te Radar puts shovel to earth creating his green paradise. He makes his first batch of home brew and makes a Te Power station out of recycled bits with the help of his dad.

Episode 3
Te Radar gets to grips with plastics; tries pig's tail in a bid to save on his grocery bill; and enlists the help of playgroup mums to make his pad habitable with the help of some reclaimed paint.

Episode 4
With time ticking on his green plan, Te Radar gets a visit from a property valuer; sells excess produce at the local market; and tries to win the Prime Minister over with a taste of his green dream.

Episode 5
Christmas comes to the patch and with the help of his dad, Te Radar engineers his latest labour-saving device, while Santa blesses him with a guest-star role in the local primary school musical.

Episode 6
The patch hosts the local scout troop who help get Te Radar back on gardening track; he installs solar panels; and becomes a proud father to four baby chickens.

Episode 7
Te Radar puts the finishing touches on an improved pizza oven; rides a bamboo bike; and unveils the latest incarnation of the Te Radargator in public.

Episode 8
As Te Radar prepares to farewell the patch, he learns how possums are tanned; meets a family with a food forest; and releases his gingerbeer for public consumption at the A&P show.

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