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February 11, 2018


Thanks folks 🙂

(Thanks to Cuums for upping the "Grow Your Own Drugs: A Year with James Wong" book)
(Thanks to Tonton for upping "Jerry Baker's Gardening Wisdom")
(Thanks to cirmaraki for upping 'A Bunch Of Garden Mags' [To be posted when time allows])

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  • J.D.

    Thank you !

    I cant promise when they’ll be posted, but hopefully either Max or myself will get them done when we get free time 🙂

  • MaxMayhem

    The 4GB file is obviously out of the question sorry ashira.
    I did grab the other file, and is quite interesting, but where possible we would like to try and have all episodes of any given series, even if we don’t get every series.
    There will always be exceptions to that of course, like Gardeners World, where there is a large number of people who want any episodes they can find.

    Otherwise it gets a bit difficult keeping track of what we have got and what we still need.
    If you can find an entire series of eps for it, I will gladly upload to a free server also and post up links.

  • MaxMayhem

    MacDenmark – All but 1 of your forum reup requests have been actioned by J.D 🙂

  • MaxMayhem

    I’m just waiting to make sure, but I’ll start uploading the last few eps of Garden Rescue (hopefully) this week to the host servers.
    Been waiting awhile for them to broadcast the rest.

  • MaxMayhem

    OK. raining on a Saturday, so taking the time to upload to ff. 16 eps on my poor up speeds will take most the day. Then I’ll send to UL, then start posting after sorting out all the thumbnails etc.
    Not long now folks. 😉

  • MaxMayhem

    uploads are done.
    hope to post up over the weekend.

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