September 15, 2017

Return To The Lost Gardens Of Heligan S01e02.

Barbara Flynn narrates this second visit to the gardens of Heligan, two years on from the original renovation. Although the scars have begun to heal, the wet summer of 1998 brought a threat to many of Heligan's rare and precious species. New faces join the gardening team, and the fate of many of Heligan's original gardening staff on the field of Flanders is revealed.

In this episode the team is determined to stock the vegetable gardens with organically grown produce, but find that the period-correct old species offer little resistance to pests and disease - a problem not encountered by the Victorians who used liberal doses of protective, poisonous chemicals without hesitation.
The local community’s stories are intrinsically bound up with those of the Garden’s. Since the first series went out, new material has come to light about the former gardeners, whose names can still be seen where they scribbled them on the bothy wall. One was Charlie Ball, who volunteered for the army at the start of the First World War but fatally wounded in battle. As he lay in hospital in northern France, his wife, Laura, pleaded to be allowed to visit him. Nowadays the journey would be little more than a ‘day trip’, but in those days it was considered too hazardous so permission was refused. Charlie died without ever seeing Laura and his daughter again.

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