October 13, 2011

river cottage – preserves.

Join Pam Corbin, the Queen of Preserves, for a one-on-one lesson in mastering the alchemy of making and bottling your very own preserves. After watching this film youll be armed with everything you need to know to make sure your breakfast bread and tea times scones never have to be sullied by cheap shop bought jams again.

For any season and every taste theres a sweet preserve to please you, from rhubarb jam to gooseberry jam, from a thrifty waste-not-want-not compost jelly, to, of course, the classic Seville orange marmalade. But theres much more than just jams to enjoy, as Pam shows you how to make everything from fruit cheeses and curds to fruit liqueurs and leathers. And for all the veg growers and lovers out there, Pam reveals some of her favourite chutney and pickle recipes to preserve any glut of greens.

Featuring loads of new recipes and some of the best of Pam and Hughs jammy adventures from previous series, this DVD is a must for any fan of preserves or River Cottage, as Pams patient guidance will help you discover the joys of jams and jellies, the marvels of marmalades and the pleasures of pickles.

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