June 16, 2011

talking landscapes.

Aubrey Manning sets out to uncover the history of Britain's ever-changing landscape.

1 - The Weald
Aubrey investigates why so much woodland has survived here when so much ancient forest has been felled elsewhere. A trip to the Mary Rose and Nelson's Victory reveals the full story of the Weald and its valuable timber.

2 - The Pembrokeshire Coast
He explores the Pembrokeshire coastline and its connections with the sea. He discovers castles and standing stones, as well as evidence of successive invaders who arrived by sea when the coastline was far from remote.

3 - The Yorkshire Dales
In this edition from the Yorkshire Dales, he journeys deep underground to discover the secrets of dry stone walls. And up on Ribble Head, he finds a startling clue to the role played by the Vikings in shaping the region.

4 - The Fens
This edition investigates whether the Fens - flat, drained farmland - are a completely man-made landscape, and uncovers a 17th-century aristocratic plan gone horribly wrong. Plus the secret of the Roman occupation - the Fens' hidden prehistoric hills.

5 - The Cairngorms
In the final episode he visits the Cairngorms, discovering evidence of the communities that once lived there and a way of life which has now disappeared.

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