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March 10, 2016

The City Gardener s02.


An Entertaining Garden: Ian wants a space outside his townhouse for entertaining. Host Matt James transforms this long and narrow, empty backyard into the ultimate outdoor bachelor garden. Included in the design are plants that will be low-maintenance enough for inexperienced-gardener Ian to cope with.


A New Garden With Storage: Tannith and Kay desperately want a garden for their flat. Host Matt James endeavors to create a space that will not only look beautiful but that will also give Tannith and Kay some much-needed storage space.

Sarah is a gardening novice who wants Matt to help her create a secluded courtyard garden in the middle of bustling London. Together they develop a picturesque Mediterranean-style garden, complete with a large tree and red and white plants. James selects plants that are both pollution-tolerant.

Bhavana has a gorgeous home but doesn't have a garden to match. Host Matt James transforms her empty, rectangular garden space into a place where she can both entertain and do yoga. Fence posts, concrete mix and a cheap bamboo screen help draw the line between the two areas.

Kath and Lee are obsessed with the 1960s and want a garden with a retro feel. Host Matt James comes up with a design to make the garden truly unique, and they turn one part of the garden into a private and rather intimate love nest.

Ep 6

Originally Posted 02/02/2015.

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