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May 23, 2017

The Field Guide to Chickens

The story of the chicken traces the interactions of cultures around the globe. From Southeast Asia 8,000 years ago, chickens spread to ancient China and Japan, the Middle East, Europe during the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, and, from there, the world. Today, chickens fuel our poultry meat and egg industry. They also inspire the time-honored tradition of poultry exhibition and, increasingly, can be found in the backyards of folks who yearn for a simpler time.

The Field Guide to Chickens provides a wealth of information on the sixty-one chicken breeds recognized by the American Poultry Association. From utilitarian egg layers to exotic show birds, from tiny bantams to large fowl, Pam Percy enlightens readers on the wonderful world of poultry. Essential for tyro fowl fans as well as longtime chicken breeders, this handy pocket-sized field guide includes a glossary, resources, and chapters describing the chicken’s history, behavior, eggs and chicks, and "everything but the cluck". Indispensable and easy-to-use, this guide gives readers an "egg up" on the wonderful world of chickens.

Author: Pam Percy
Hardcover: 144 pages
Publisher: Voyageur Press; 1st edition (February 20, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0760324735
ISBN-13: 978-0760324738
EPUB 18.3 MB

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