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July 9, 2012

the great british countryside.

Hugh Dennis and Julia Bradbury's adventures in four stunning British landscapes. No matter where we are, the rocky upheavals of Britain's epic past are still with us, and still drive how we live. Hugh and Julia are a pair well met. Hugh's been obsessed by the shape of the landscape, and how it formed, since he was a child - and he went onto study it as part of his Cambridge degree, and Julia's loved walking the British countryside since she could toddle.

Ep1 - The two venture across the most stunning parts of Cornwall and Devon to discover how Britain's epic past lives on in the most fascinating stories and characters.

Ep2 - Hugh and Julia venture across Britain's biggest county, Yorkshire, from the Moors and the Dales to the coast.

Ep3 - Here they are in the South Downs, where they discover that this gentle, rolling landscape of southern England had a dramatic ancient past.

Ep4 - Hugh and Julia are in the Highlands of Scotland, Britain's wildest and oldest landscape. In this remote and magnificent part of the country, they explore a landscape built by volcanoes, earthquakes and ice, and discover how this dramatic past lives on today.

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