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October 25, 2015

The Great British Woodshop s1e13

Part two of two. David Free uses a mix of materials to complete the construction of a functional kitchen diner.
The Great British Woodshop - s1e13 - Kitchen Diner - PT 2.avi

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2 comments to The Great British Woodshop s1e13

  • tempusfugit

    Thanks Max. My son and daughter-in-law, the cabinet makers, have really appreciated these. It’s also given them a bad case of tool envy.

  • MaxMayhem

    lol. No problem. I did find the last ep, 15 and will up next day or so.
    I’ve had some rather late nights with the kids with 1 thing or another so could do with an early night or 2.
    It is a simple one the last one, a wine rack.

    Obviously not your bog standard rack, and yes I dabble very lightly myself and would love to do more but alas a lack of funds, a shed and tools has not helped ;D

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