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October 27, 2015

The Great British Woodshop s1e15

Master craftsman David Free gives a step-by-step guide to creating an attractive wine rack.

The Great British Woodshop - Wine Rack.mp4

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3 comments to The Great British Woodshop s1e15

  • tempusfugit

    Thanks for posting this. They’re really appreciated by the woodworkers in the family.

  • notimetolose

    Max, when you can’t get the thumbnail proggie to work as you’d like it to work, you can always point the first pic at the title screen, and then play around with the “steps” setting until the end result looks good enough.

    In fact, this is the only way it works for me – I guess my OS doesn’t allow me to “choose shots manually”.

  • MaxMayhem

    Nttl – nah when trying to do it manually, with this file, it does it in b&w, splits & reverses the picture diagonally top-left to bottom right and just looks horrible.
    Every other file I do it fine, this one just wants to be different.

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