August 12, 2017

The Lost Gardens Of Heligan – S01e02.

A six part series for C4, "The Lost Gardens of Heligan" follows the restoration of a country estate's derelict gardens which fell into disrepair after its gardeners were killed in action during WW1. Tim Smit and his partner John Nelson take on the mammoth task of bringing the gardens back to life.

The dramatic transformation of the Sundial Garden--once the finest herbaceous border in England, represented yet another major challenge in the ambitious restoration project. This episode follows the restoration over a 12-month period - from paper plan to the grand opening, a task, which required the combined efforts of all the staff at Heligan. The aim was not to create a slavish reproduction of the original but to concoct a new garden based on a combination of what was gleaned from old sepia photographs of Heligan and through examining pre-1880 garden design. The result is a new lawn surrounded by an extraordinary herbaceous border running some 60 feet along one wall, offset with period-correct shrubs on the other.

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