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August 26, 2017

The Lost Gardens Of Heligan – S01e05.

A six part series for C4, "The Lost Gardens of Heligan" follows the restoration of a country estate's derelict gardens which fell into disrepair after its gardeners were killed in action during WW1. Tim Smit and his partner John Nelson take on the mammoth task of bringing the gardens back to life.

Heligan's Jungle is a steep sided sub-tropical valley with four large ponds, housing some 60 different varieties of bamboo, tree-ferns, palms and giant gunnera. The Heligan team tackle the task of maintaining a 'jungle habitat' - a lot of hard work goes into making it look 'totally natural', but there are plenty of pleasant surprises: following the clearance of the area in 1992, hundreds of dormant seeds suddenly sprang into life, carpeting the valley sides with wild flowers. And the trees, planted as saplings by the Tremaynes, can now be seen in their true size and splendour.

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