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August 26, 2017

The Lost Gardens Of Heligan – S01e06.

A six part series for C4, "The Lost Gardens of Heligan" follows the restoration of a country estate's derelict gardens which fell into disrepair after its gardeners were killed in action during WW1. Tim Smit and his partner John Nelson take on the mammoth task of bringing the gardens back to life.

Even with an estate the size of Heligan it is inconceivable that you could 'lose' a 22 acre garden, yet this is exactly what happened in The Lost Valley until it was re-discovered 'almost by accident'. For the Heligan team it has meant a combination of old and new technologies: heavy shire horses to remove some of the self-set trees, allowing the fine British oaks and chestnuts to be seen, for the first time in this valley. And, equally vital serious earth-moving equipment to build new dams and lakes, to create the balance and a sense of mystery, the every-intriguing 'what's around the next bend?'

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7 comments to The Lost Gardens Of Heligan – S01e06.

  • tempusfugit

    Thanks for posting this series. I’m looking forward to “Return”.

  • MaxMayhem

    Yes sorry.
    Lightning strikes during the weekend fried the phone cabinet up the road.
    Just got fixed today.
    I bought a new phone and modem (both got fried) but wouldn’t you know it, turns out my network card (onboard) was also fried.
    Put in an old backup nic card, that don’t work either 🙁
    hooked everything up to wifes pc, wifi dongle in back of my pc and just this minute got net back.
    Will get new nic card for my pc tomorrow then will hopefully start posting ‘return’ eps.
    They are uploaded to hosts, I just have to create the posts now.
    Keep tuned and great to hear you enjoy this series.

  • MaxMayhem

    Jeez, sometimes you can’t win.

    New modem got fried 2 days later in another lightning storm while we were asleep.

    Took it back and they gave me my money back 🙂

    New one is working but almost half the speeds, and phone is all crackley.
    Provider agrees something is still wrong but looks like Monday (my time) before they get to look at it.

    Meanwhile I have net so see the ‘return’ series of this show I have put up first 2 of 4 eps just in case something else goes wrong.
    Enjoy, I did.

  • J.D.

    Damn, and I thought lightning never struck twice 😀

  • MaxMayhem

    this 300-400kbs is starting to rub though 🙁

  • Jones

    Perhaps a circuit breaker or some sort of surge protection might be a wise investment.
    Sorry to hear of your woes. Like you I really enjoyed the first two episodes of The lost gardens..
    Hope you get everything back in working order soon..

  • MaxMayhem

    Oh we have a circuit breaker Jones.
    When it tripped on the second time, the only device that went poof was the new modem 🙂
    The first time, the surge came up the phone line not the power line, which was why the phone & the modem both got fried.
    We are just unplugging the phone&modem when there is thunder warnings now.
    But…even thiough I am back up and running, there is something screwy with the phone line (poor speed & interference on the phone) which we are ‘in the cue’ to get looked at by phone provider. We are quite rural so we aren’t a priority.
    It’ll all get sorted in the end, just not sure when that’ll be 🙂

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