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April 10, 2016

This Farming Life S01E08

Documentary series following the struggles and triumphs of five very different farming families in some of Scotland's most beautiful and remote landscapes.
(12 episodes in this series)
This Farming Life - S01E08.mp4

Spring arrives at last for the farmers - the busiest time of year for new lambs and calves.

In the north, beyond Aberdeen, John is expecting more than 6,000 new lambs, so hires in extra staff to help.

New Zealander Emma helps a ewe give birth to triplets, but will the smallest and weakest one survive?

John rescues a lamb from its aggressive mother, and takes his son James to sell his chickens and ducks at an auction.

On the isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, Sandy celebrates his 61st birthday after bracing a storm to feed his two pregnant Highland cattle.

On the mainland in the east, Martin invests in some hi-tech kit to alert him when his cows are calving. He sets off to plough the fields, relying on the new system - but will it work?

As the weather warms, Sandy and Ali welcome a new Highland calf to their croft, and Ali takes her new thoroughbred horse for a run on the beach. Martin collects semen from his prize bull to sell - it's a tricky procedure.

In the west in Argyll, Sybil and George also celebrate the birth of a new calf and the start of their lambing season. And George gets a spring clean, as Sybil tackles his beard. Mel spends her birthday at a cow auction - but will she get the price she wants?

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