April 22, 2011

trees that made britain s02.

Tony Kirkham, the Head Arborist at Kew Gardens, and climber Jon Hammerton present Series Two of this documentary which continues the examination of how trees have always been at the heart of Britain's historic, political, artistic and economic life.

Episode 1
Tony Kirkham, and climber Jon Hammerton set out from Kew Gardens on a brand new journey to discover the value and the beauty of British trees. Tony goes dog sledding in Scotland, and a breath taking zip-line provides an extraordinary view of the forest.

Episode 2
Tony Kirkham and Jon Hammerton canoe across Windermere and tackle a crisis in the branches at Kew in an attempt to discover how trees can be saved from the combined attack of bugs, climate and people.

Episode 3
Tony makes an emotional return home, and climber Jon is climbing in an inner city cemetery in an attempt to discover if trees and cities can co-exist.

Episode 4
Tony goes truffle hunting with a pig and Jon gets to grips with a forest horse in an attempt to discover whether old fashioned techniques still have a place for those who work with trees.

Episode 5
Tony tracks down an eight thousand year old tree and climbs into the forest canopy to discover the role of trees in arresting global warming.

Episode 6
To end the series, Tony undertakes army maneuvers before facing the challenge of his career when he attempts to climb the biggest tree in Kew Gardens for the first time.

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