November 28, 2013

tudor monastery farm e2.

The Monasteries in 1500 were the biggest landowners in England and Wales after the King, and this placed them at the forefront of early Tudor technology and farming. This episode focuses on wool production - known as 'the jewel in the realm' of the English economy, it accounted for around half the country's wealth. Ruth gets to grips with the farm accounts - an essential task for any farmer in the period as they became increasingly aware of maximizing their ability to profit from the land efficiently. Peter makes a shearing bench - a medieval labour-saving device - which involves bending wood by steam. To seal any wounds that might occur while shearing, Tom makes an economy salve out or broom, suet, brine and urine. Peter and Tom then herd the sheep to a pond where they are thoroughly washed. And Tom gets his first taste of shearing sheep.


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