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November 25, 2012

waterwise gardening.

A presentation by the Gardening Australia team.

As evergreen gardener Peter Cundall tells us in the introduction to each show: "Being waterwise in the's the way of the future for Australian gardeners".

With our long periods of drought and water restrictions around the country many people think that creating and maintaining a beautiful garden while being waterwise is too hard. Water is too precious to waste, and we've all had to change the way we use water in the garden. But in fact, the garden is an easy place to be waterwise - it just requires the right information and advice.

Waterwise Gardens
Come with us on a tour of some of Australia's most beautiful and inspirational waterwise gardens. Josh Byrne and Jane Edmanson take us to see gorgeous waterwise gardens all over the country, show us rainwater tanks and grey water systems ranging from complex high-end equipment to simple inexpensive set-ups, and demonstrate how to select and care for drought-tolerant plants.

Drought Proofing Your Garden
We show you how to be water-efficient in your garden with irrigation systems and water-saving techniques. Other highlights include how to tell whether a tree is drought-stressed, and how best to mulch to retain moisture in the soil. Viewers whose gardens have suffered during the drought may find consolation in the fact that even expert gardener Jerry Coleby-Williams' garden has had problems.

Drought Tolerant Plants
We show you a range of plants that need little water, but which will still add beauty and colour to your garden. Jane Edmanson tours a nursery, showing us her picks for top drought-tolerant plants. Angus Stewart shows us the natives he really likes, particularly the grevilleas, most of which are by necessity drought-tolerant. More material on natives then follows from Jane again, and South Australian presenter Sophie Thomson.

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