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September 12, 2013

a pembrokeshire farm.

Griff Rhys Jones sets out to restore his 200-year-old farmhouse in the rolling Pembrokeshire countryside. Built in 1820, the dilapidated farm is in need of far more than a lick of paint, and with significant emotional and financial investments being put into the project, it will require even more work than Griff and his team had anticipated to bring this ruined structure back to life.


Episode One.
Work gets under way on the dilapidated farm house as Griff and the team begin to realise the size of the task ahead.

Episode Two.
As the restoration slowly progresses, mother-nature decides to intervene with damaging weather conditions, challenging the resolve of everyone involved.

Episode Three.
Summer arrives, and the farmhouse is now stripped down to its bare bones. In search of local materials with which to rebuild, Griff takes a tour of the local rock scene with geologist Sid Howells.

Episode Four.
Building work on the farm moves to the inside of the house as the team finally start to build up instead of knock down. However, as the deadline looms and the building begins to rise from the rubble, high stress-levels and fraying tempers see the team begin to crumble.

Episode Five.
In the final programme of the series, Griff faces some big decisions and last-minute disasters. With a party planned for the farm’s official unveiling the first guests are due to arrive... but will the house be finished on time?

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