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December 29, 2020

Backyard Envy S01.

Series Re-package.

James DeSantis, Garrett Magee and Melissa Brasier make-up the exclusive exterior design and high-end landscaping firm, the Manscapers, and viewers will go along for the ride as this set of best friends and business partners reimagine outdoor spaces and help their clients turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Ep01 - James sets the team up with a job in the suburbs, but problems arise when Mel and the construction team strike water while building a stone patio. Meanwhile, Garrett creates a beach inspired rooftop meadow for a couple, but things get hot while adding some extra flare to the project’s planter boxes.

Ep02 - The Manscapers strive to deliver a colorful backyard makeover after learning their new clients are allergic to bees; James and Mel agree to landscape an East Village rooftop for a friend.

Ep03 - A Brooklyn couple with a blank-slate backyard and big budget; and landscaping the rooftop bar at a high-end hotel for a pair of ultra-picky and design-minded clients puts everyone on edge.

Ep04 - A return client presents the Manscapers with a unique challenge: landscaping four different outdoor spaces connected to her Greenwich Village town home. With each space demanding its own look and feel, one job starts to feel like four, leaving James, Mel and Garrett stretched thin and under the gun to finish on time. Meanwhile, Mel's backyard gets an annual makeover in preparation for Garrett's birthday, leaving James a little jealous.

Ep05 - The Manscapers' new suburban clients have found their "forever" home, but have a limited budget to revamp the bland backyard that means making difficult sacrifices. Back in the city, an eccentric designer has hired the team to landscape the outdoor spaces in a high-end hotel, but with only two days to complete the project, the Manscapers have their work cut out for them, especially when the client adds his own ideas.

Ep06 - The Manscapers jump at the chance to landscape the highly-anticipated pop-up restaurant Gitano. But they struggle finding the massive number of palm trees needed to realize their client's vision of recreating the jungle of Tulum, Mexico in Manhattan. Meanwhile, a Brooklyn-based client and renowned designer pushes the team to think "less is more" and scale back Garrett's planting scheme to transform his overgrown backyard into a minimalist Zen garden.

Ep07 - A suburban couple decides to spend big to give their family a dream backyard, but the project gets off to a rocky start. The Manscapers' plan for a massive new patio runs into underground complications and designing with kids in mind proves to be a struggle. Meanwhile, James lands a major client in the city, a billion-dollar developer who always has a new skyscraper in the works, but a dream project may turn into a nightmare when the client starts picking apart the team's design.

Ep08 - For the season finale, the Manscapers travel upstate to a working farm and vacation retreat owned by their friend Matt, to help him prepare for a wedding. The farm has never hosted a wedding before, and a hurricane forced the couple that's getting married to call off their ceremony once before. The stakes are high as James, Mel, and Garrett construct the ceremony site, landscape a honeymoon suite, and prepare arrangements for the reception in hopes of pulling off the perfect wedding.

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