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February 27, 2016

Best Gardens Australia s01.


Lifestyle Home Australia 2013

There is something quite special about our gardens. They are a place where so many us escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Best Gardens brings to life the heart and soul of everything outdoors. Each episode grabs the audience’s attention while walking them through some of the most exciting and visually stunning gardens and landscapes in the country. From sprawling country estates to urban courtyards in compact spaces, viewers of Best Gardens get an up-close look at some of the most inspiring outdoor spaces around. Additionally, in-depth interviews presented on the program will allow viewers to meet the professionals who create these stunning outdoor environments.

Creating an amazing garden starts with great inspiration. Gary and Steve will show you some of the most inspirational gardens in the country, from an extraordinary small courtyard garden in Sydney to a 10 acre rural garden designed by celebrity Garden designer Paul Bangay.


There are a lot of elements that go into a garden that make it special. This episode features a pool that was created to match the era of the home and a small garden that uses mirrors to make it look larger. There are ideas here you can use in your own garden.

Gardens can lift the whole aspect of your home. In this episode we show you ideas that you can easily implement in your own house to improve it. Lighting is an important element to help extend your living space once the sun goes down. Steve shows us through one of his own designs that features mood lighting. We also see an award-winning garden in Sydney.

Who says a garden cannot be glamorous and practical? Gary walks you through a small courtyard space on a rooftop penthouse, complete with a water feature and luxury couch created for outdoors. Steve also walks you through a huge suburban garden with an amazing river front aspect.

A pool in the garden is not only a practical way for people to cool down on a hot day, but also creates a water feature and a soothing peace place to dwell. In this episode we take a look at three pools that are not only stunning but practical. One has a glass wall so people can view inside the pool!

Why not make a garden a beautiful place to enjoy for everyone in the family? In this episode we look a luxury house and see how the designer has incorporated a full children’s playground with plenty of play space. In contrast we take a look at a family garden that is really close to the coast.

Creating a stunning garden needs an overall plan and theme. We see a luxury garden with views over the Swan River in Perth and a classy garden design in Melbourne. Both have been carefully considered by the designers and beautifully executed.

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