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July 13, 2016

Best Gardens Australia s03.

Season Three starts with a bang, when host and garden designer Steve Taylor takes us through one of his own garden designs located in Melbourne. Meanwhile, Bettina takes a tour of a tropical paradise on the Sunshine Coast, and viewers will also have an exclusive peek into a private serene native garden that has taken fifteen years to complete.


The show kicks off on the Victorian coastline in a garden that was created from recycled materials. The world is changing and sustainable design is at the forefront of everyone's minds. This innovative sustainable house boasts a rooftop garden with an array of plants growing from out the walls and the roof. There are some helpful tips that will help to make your garden look and operate better.

Steve investigates an array of styles and types of hidden garden gems from around Victoria. Beginning in a beautiful aspirational Toorak garden that is designed for the environment in which it sits. Then to Phillip Island to visit a garden design that oozes with appeal, and then to a practical garden which incorporates an extensive veggie garden.

Steve investigates a stunning heritage garden located in the heart of cosmopolitan Melbourne. Viewers will also go inside a stunning heritage home that flows seamlessly into its custom designed garden. Viewers will also learn how to incorporate a spa into a garden space, and be blown away by a a purpose designed and built sculptural masterpiece.

Renowned designer Andrew Stark takes Steve through five of his best designs. Andrew has a flair for the formal and structured garden design. The tour includes his own home and a variety of different garden shapes and styles. This episode has something for everyone.

Viewers will be blown away as Bettina takes them inside one of the most prestigious back gardens in Sydney. The garden sits high and has some of the best harbor views in the city. As viewers take a peek at an award-winning small garden they will glean some ideas they can use in theirs.

Step inside the mind of host, Steve Taylor, as he shows a stunning garden he designed himself, located in south Melbourne. If opulence is your bag you will be in awe of a garden that oozes with style and prestige.

Best Gardens Australia s03e07 HD.mp4

In this very special episode garden designer David Kirkpatrick, from Outdoor Creations, shows viewers through four very different landscape projects that are impressive. These designs are diverse and have something for everyone; from the medieval gothic to sleek contemporary and a zen garden space.

In this episode of Best Gardens Australia Steve Taylor takes viewers on an extensive tour through the largest and most elaborate garden in Australia, the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne. The tour includes a scenic punt ride on the gardens main lake, a peek at the impressive Volcano created to recycle water. Then something for the kids: the most exciting children’s garden created by a world renowned garden designer.

World-renowned garden designer Paul Bangay invites Steve into some of his favourite gardens. These gardens have inspired Paul throughout his own journey. We then take a look inside his own award winning garden, Stonefields.

Tropical Paradise is the idea of tonight's episode. With ideas galore for the children, with an incredible playground nearby Sydney, to a home and garden that is a child's fairytale.

This episode starts off on the rooftop of the ritzy Chapel street with special guest host Gary Takle. Steve tours through one of his own masterpieces. At the climax of the show we get a very special tour through the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne.

We take a look back at some of the best gardens from this season, take a step into our favourite designs of the year. From the gardens that were established 15 years ago to the most contemporary practical ideas you could imagine.

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