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February 20, 2016

Big Dreams, Small Spaces s02.

Monty Don travels around the country helping amateurs to create the garden of their dreams.


In Salisbury, newly engaged Glenn and Zoe want a brand new garden and most of all they are desperate to produce flowers for their wedding. Currently, their steeply sloping garden is completely unusable. Armed with advice from Monty and plenty of enthusiasm, they set about creating the garden of their dreams. But with their wedding looming, can they get the planting done in time? A trip to Sarah Raven's garden in Sussex might provide them with the inspiration they need. Meanwhile in Barnet, Monty gets to work on an overgrown allotment which is being turned into a site for keeping bees. The owner Nighat wants to grow her own fruit and veg as well as bee-friendly plants, but currently all that's there are weeds and overgrown trees. After a trip to a stunning forest garden, Nighat is determined to turn this site around. But can Monty persuade her to leave her worries at the garden gate and just go for it?

In Clapham, young couple Jack and Chris want to turn their tiny urban back space into a Victorian-inspired plant collector's paradise with a hi-tech twist. The super-organised duo know exactly what they are after - a special dahlia collection, a fern wall and lots of modern gardening gadgets. But as Monty discovers, their timing is not perfect - they are trying to combine making a new garden with totally refurbishing their home. Meanwhile in Hereford, Frankie is trying to renovate her cottage garden with the help of her mother Pat, in memory of Frankie's sister who died in a tragic accident. Frankie has an ambitious, if rather chaotic, approach to gardening and wants to include some unusual elements like a Roman-style pond and a gigantic head made from mud. Monty is stunned by Frankie's plans, but can he persuade her to follow his practical advice?

In Bromley, Mei an and Gerard have ambitious plans to turn their narrow, split-level garden into a Japanese paradise. Their attention to detail means they will stop at nothing to create the perfect Eastern retreat, complete with a mountain stream, mossy boulders and traditional Japanese plants. But with tons of soil to move and the budget running out, have they bitten off more than they can chew? Meanwhile in Stoke, artists Anna and Andrew want to transform their tiny concrete yard into a haven of tranquillity with something beautiful to look at in every corner. They are going to have to use all their creative flair to turn this blank canvas into something amazing, but with ambitions for a green roof, living wall and elaborate vertical gardening, are they in danger of overcrowding this very small space?

In Oxford, neighbours Anne and Fliss are set on breaking down boundaries. They want to combine the front gardens of their semi-detached houses into one wonderful space filled with all their favourite grasses and perennials. The big question for Monty is whether two gardening enthusiasts, with definite ideas of their own, can work together to achieve one goal. With conflict looming, will Britain's favourite garden expert be able to bring his calming influence and garden know-how to the Oxford neighbours and achieve horticultural harmony? Meanwhile in Pewsey, former army officer Sally has a tarmac and rubble-covered area that she wants to convert into a cosy, scented, wildlife-friendly haven for her daughters Georgina and Caitlin - and she wants it ready in time for the summer. All three have a lot of different ideas and Monty can see that there is a great deal to achieve in a short timeframe. Fortunately for Sally, she has an army of friends willing to get involved. Can Monty take command of Sally and her troops to complete this ambitious project before the summer is over and the girls go back to school?

A couple in Worthing want a family garden for their young son who has Down's syndrome. Monty pitches in with clearing the site before leading an expedition to RHS Garden Wisley in Surrey where the family learn about different types of sensory plant. In the town of Hitchin, Hertfordshire, Monty offers advice to Aletheia who wants to create a community garden for her neighbourhood. They take a trip to Cranbrook Community Garden in London to see how the scheme might work.

In Teddington, Jennifer enlists the help of her sisters to create an Italian-themed garden in memory of their parents. She has great ideas and a budget to match, but growing citrus trees, olive trees and vines in a leafy London suburb is easier said than done. Will Monty be able to guide the sisters to a Mediterranean-style success? Meanwhile, in Billericay, Monty offers advice to Karensa, who wants to turn an unkempt strip of back garden into a fantasy for her daughter, inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. With a tiny budget but plenty of enthusiasm, she wants to create a chessboard patio, a heart-shaped lawn and a teapot water feature.

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