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February 29, 2016

Britain’s Best Back Gardens s01.

In celebration of his 50 years as an horticulturist, Alan Titchmarsh has spent the past 12 months appealing to the public to nominate their gardens, and he has now chosen his 30 favourites. In this series, they are divided into three categories and he visits each, discovering people from all walks of life doing remarkable things with their outdoor spaces. The first programme reveals his top 10 challenging plots, created despite restrictions in size, location or circumstances, including the tiniest pub garden.


In episode two, Alan showcases his ten favourite working gardens. These do not just look nice, they enhance the lives of their owners in different ways. From a vegetable garden designed to help a cancer survivor recover to a Japanese garden built for meditation, we hear some amazing stories of gardens that are more than merely spaces filled with pretty flowers.

In the final episode Alan examines ten gardens, best described as flights of fancy. These he considers the most creatively and imaginatively constructed plots in the land - brash, bonkers and quite brilliantly over the top.

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