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March 8, 2016

Bush Tucker Man s01.


The Bush Tucker Man is the television name of Les Hiddins. A native Australian, Les has entered the popular consciousness through his TV series "The Bush Tucker Man".

His influence stems far wider than his series of Bush Tucker Man, with numerous awards for his research, writing and broadcasting. Part of Les' appeal is the typically Australian understated expertise and dry humour. Les is the genuine article - just watching him in action demonstrates few alive come close to matching his knowledge, understanding and intuitive feel for the bush and the natural world around him.


Les was born and bred in Queensland, Australia. He spent a considerable amount of time in the outback as a child. Later he joined the Australian Army as a private in 1966. Retiring from regular service at the rank of Major in 1989, Les has gone on to become a renowned broadcaster, educator, writer, historian, war veteran (he did 3 tours in Vietnam) and all round top Aussie bloke.

Originally Posted 01/03/2011

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