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May 30, 2021

Gardening with Carol Klein S02E05.

Carol catches up with a few of the projects she started at the beginning of the season. There’s a progress report on the new cut flower garden, the rapidly sprouting potatoes and the unruly beans and peas which are now ready to be tied in before their fruits begin to weigh heavy.


May 22, 2021

Gardening with Carol Klein S02E04.

Carol shares top tips on bulbs, reveals how to cultivate a fine display of nerines, and offers advice on crocosmia. Plus, everything you needed to know about growing shallots.


May 15, 2021

Gardening with Carol Klein S02E03.

Carol shows how providing nectar and pollen as forage and food for bees is not only the best way to support these vital insects, which are fast disappearing from the countryside, but also makes a glorious display in the garden. She also demonstrates how to create an auricular theatre – a traditional way […]

May 9, 2021

Gardening with Carol Klein S02E02.

At Glebe Cottage in Devon, Carol Klein shows viewers how to grow some of the nation’s favourite soft fruit, including raspberries and blackcurrants. The host also explains how to plant and care for daffodils.


May 2, 2021

Gardening with Carol Klein S02E01.

The horticultural expert continues to offer advice to Britain’s gardeners from her own cottage garden in Devon, this time during the spring season. Carol shares creative ways for viewers to make use of space in their vegetable gardens for potatoes, and discusses the joy of dividing snowdrops and primroses to increase their number. […]