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December 20, 2013

tudor monastery farm e6.

It’s harvest time, and the days are getting shorter. This episode the team will be bringing in the barley and celebrating with a harvest feast, to give thanks for their bounteous crop. To celebrate all their hard work over the course of the seasons the team put on a mystery play, a travelling […]

December 13, 2013

tudor monastery farm e5.

With no provision for the poor from the state, the monasteries played a key role in providing welfare and charity for those in need. But funding charity also meant extending hospitality to wealthy donors. The monastery enlists the help of the team to restore a corrody room which would have been granted to […]

December 10, 2013

tudor monastery farm e4.

The team are working under the eye of a monastic landlord, learning to master the landscape away from the farm in order to supplement their income. The monasteries’ lands covered a variety of terrain, which would need to be exploited by the tenant farmer to raise income for themselves and the monastery. Lead […]

December 5, 2013

tudor monastery farm e3.

In episode three the team focus on preparing the staple foods of everyday Tudor life: bread and ale. A hard-working Tudor farmer could consume a two pound loaf and drink eight pints of weak ale in a day. With the monasteries owning much of the farmland Ruth, Peter and Tom are well aware […]

November 28, 2013

tudor monastery farm e2.

The Monasteries in 1500 were the biggest landowners in England and Wales after the King, and this placed them at the forefront of early Tudor technology and farming. This episode focuses on wool production – known as ‘the jewel in the realm’ of the English economy, it accounted for around half the country’s […]

November 24, 2013

tudor monastery farm e1.

Historian Ruth Goodman and archaeologists Peter Ginn and Tom Pinfold turn the clock back over 500 years to run a farm at the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum in West Sussex exactly as it would have been in 1500, during the reign of the first Tudor King, Henry VII. The first episode […]